M.L. Woods

"I support Rob Howard because he's knowledgeable, energetic, and he's a visionary leader"

- Pastor M. L. Woods


"He cares about getting things done right. Students, environment, and an economic community are important to him. I've seen Rob at work and I know he is a man of his word."

- Christopher Burroughs

Horticulture Specialist

Rob Knecht

Rob Knecht

President Pro Tem, North Chapter Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego


"He has always shown a love for every part of what makes up the Oceanside community. Rob always finds ways to keep our students connected to different areas of the workforce and supports their educational pursuits. He does not hold himself above any other person and is the true definition of what a leader should be"

-Shawntae Mitchum

Sociology Professor


" He acts on environmental Justice, is committed to bridging Oceanside youth with career training, and I know he will bring excellent leadership to City Hall."

-Chelsi Sparti



"You have our full support and hope that we can get you into the mayor's office"

-Kyle Owens


Matt Kirst

"He is the first to speak up for his fellow employees in all matters including diversity in the workforce, equal pay, safety, and employee training. Rob has a proven track record that would make him a perfect candidate for Oceanside Mayor."

-Matt Kirst


Don Love

"I fully support Rob Howard"

-Don Love

Umoja Counselor

Sharon Anstaett

"Rob has shown in several ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the person to lead Oceanside as Mayor"

-Sharon Anstaett


Personal Endorsements

Janet Lacy

Stephen Lacy

Cynthia Rice 

Robbie Hass 

Keith Hass

Val Warner-Saadat 

Al Nyman 

Don Greene 

Jose Perez

Doug Oden    

Chuck Lowery 

Velisa Hollins 

Sherman Hollins 

Shirley Gibbons 

Mike Gibbons 

Carl Wood 

Ann Wood 

Nina Deerfield 

Michelle Gomez

Don Gomez 

Ryan Haggerty 

Michelle Howard

Jordan Howard 

Brianna Parker

Chris Hollins 

Michelle Krug

Teresa Laughlin 

Brandon Maze 

Clint Carson

Roberto Rodriguez

Kelli Lacy

Basil Kimbrew

Lizet Angulo

Jose Rodriguez

Rosie McDaniels 

Daran Howard   

Angela Legree 

Fred Carter

Terrance Webster 

Vanessa Webster 

Rod Matthews

Debbie Matthews 

Henry Hawthorne 

Terri Hawthorne 

Robert Jenkins 

Dorthy Jenkins 

Andrea Hollins

Chris Hollins 

Sharon Anstaett

Matt Krist 

Larry Burns 

Christopher Burroughs 

Sharon Jacobs 

Frank Jacobs 

Lorna Wilson 

Pamela Judice

Terron Sumpter

Letrice Sumpter 

Camille Crill

Kristina S. Londy

John Paolozzi 

Chelsi Sparti 

Eddie Price 

Rick Bates 

Brigette Brownin 

Nikki Faddick 

Nathan Waters

Dr. Preston Butler, Jr.

Alycia Anthony

Pastor Morris L. Woods

Alma Sisco-Smith 

Robert V. Smith

Sharron H. Austin

Noel Christmas 

Rob Knecht

Emma Maxey

Shawntae Mitchum

Elizabeth Perez

Tim O'Healy

Misty O'Healy 

Lawana Richmond

Major Grant 

Karin Brennan 

Chris Hollins

Andrea Hollins

Bart Ziegler

James Slevin 

Daniel Dominguez 

Phyllis Dominguez

Jerry Adams 

Daryl W. Adams

Kyle Owens 

Candy Owens

Thomas Stewart 

D.J. Stewart 

Emiliana Sparaco

Justin Domecillo

Janice Rothstein

James Madden

Mikhail Hussein

Don Love

Carolyn Goodspeed

Crystal Goodspeed

Polly Downey

Lynn Sakamoto

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