We need to redefine what public safety looks like.  People are in the streets and it is important that they feel heard.  Peace in our community is achieved when we all feel safe. I will prioritize listening to the voices in our community.  if we care about public safety, we must prioritize community investment in social services, education, and careers. 

As the president of the North County NAACP from 1999-2006, we worked with other community leaders and the chief of police to create a better relationship with the community.  We were able to work on community policing in the Oceanside Police Department.  Working collaboratively helped our community be a leader in the relationship between our community and the police department.  Make no mistake, we can be better.  Communities are better served when we trust our leaders.  For many, that trust is broken.  In order to rebuild that trust in Oceanside, I will prioritize the following:

  1. Public Safety policy of funding preventative measures including:

            a.      When possible, a Mental Health Professional will respond when a 911                             call requires it. 

            b.      Requiring De-escalation and the requisite training

            c.      Allowing a more forceful response only when necessary. 

            d.      Requiring officers to receive ongoing non-violence training so they're                               prepared no matter what situation arises. 


    2. Focusing on investments in Communities of Concern by working regionally to              bring investment capital to Oceanside, allowing us to:

            a.      Create an innovation center (IC) to provide career reediness training for                          green job skills development.  The IC will provide a location to create                              more community around community development.

            b.      Recruit new economy jobs in collaboration with our educational                                        institutions ensuring we have a qualified and available workforce for                                those career opportunities.

            c.      Collaborate with labor unions to provide trade skills training in our                                    community.

            d.      Increase affordable housing stock withing the city and along                                             transportation corridors.