"I'm Reporting for Duty"



"Growing up my family believed in the importance of being active good neighbors and staying civically engaged. These personal values have been what’s driven me to service in the US Navy, as a mentor and leader in the NAACP, and as board member of my church. In addition to my volunteer work, I have served on Oceanside’s Police and Fire Commission and advised the City Council on matters of public safety. I’m currently serving as a Member on the City of Oceanside Measure X Committee, which is responsible for oversight of the sales tax revenue Oceanside voters approved to allocate towards public safety and essential city services. 

As a Nuclear Power Plant Operator for the last 30 years, I have gained first hand understanding of the roles technology and innovation play in powering local economies. My strong background in energy management has prepared me to take on the challenges that impact our environment, infrastructure, and future development. My training as an emergency response leader has provided me the opportunity to navigate the complex relationships between business, government, and the community in order to deliver safe and reliable energy services to the public. 

As a proven advocate for working families, I am committed to ensuring equal opportunity to jobs that are safe and pay a living wage. As a fifteen year Committee Co-Chair for the California Utilities Diversity Council, I advised on how to improve diversity and inclusion in the employment process within California's largest public utilities. I believe in the strength that comes from collaboration, and that we have a responsibility to hold our public institutions accountable to serving and representing the needs of all residents. 

In all of my efforts, I have centered the importance of creating a sustainable future for the next generation. Whether it’s helping develop and coordinate the Energy Technology Associate Degree program at Mira Costa College, or chartering the Youth Council while serving as President of San Diego North County NAACP, I am dedicated to helping shape a future where our youth can thrive. This means creating real pathways for Oceanside’s youth and students to access skills and career opportunities, mentor-ship and leadership development."