Building Trust - As a leader, it is critical to operate from a position of trust.  Respecting the community and engaging even those that may not agree with you on every issue allows a leader to represent the entire community they represent.  Our elected officials are our representatives.  They must operate in a manner that maintains public trust by speaking for the community. When we include the entire community, we have more support for moving our city forward.  It is critical that we have representatives interested in pulling the city together. 


Building Partnerships - Unifying Oceanside and the surrounding community around a shared set of goals and aspirations will take more than rallying around people we agree with or by out spending our opponents.  It takes a willingness to bring together people who have an interest in a prosperous Oceanside but may have a different idea of what it takes to get there. None of us have all the answers but the more people involved, the closer we are to creating a path forward together.  


Building CommunityOur city is a wealth of diversity including diversity of thoughts and ideas.  A willingness to listen is a critical skill necessary to bring those diverse and innovative ideas into the public space.  Moving the city forward requires us coming together, listening to each other and dedicating ourselves to working collectively, even when we disagree. 


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